Terms of Use

Aceptance of the Terms of Use

The public limited company under the name “Amvyx SA” hereinafter referred to as “AMVYX”, manages the website, hereinafter referred to as “the Internet Website”, and any information or data (e.g. photographs, texts, graphs) contained therein, hereinafter referred to as the “Material” for the purpose of presenting to the public information on its business activity.

The use of the Website and the Material is subject to these Terms of Use, hereinafter referred to as the “Terms of Use”, as applicable at any time, which constitute the agreement between “AMVYX” and any person who visits the Website regarding its use, hereinafter referred to as the “User or Users”.

The access to and use of the Website in any way (including simple navigation on it), implies the unconditional acceptance by the User of the Terms of Use, as applicable at any time.

Amendment of the Terms of Use

“AMVYX” reserves the right to modify the Terms of Use and any other rules governing the use of the Website at its sole discretion, notifying each time of any modification with a relevant notice on the homepage of the Website. The date of their update shall be indicated in the Terms of Use.

The continuation of the use of the Website by the User even after such communication constitutes acceptance of such changes.

The use of the Website is subject to the Terms of Use that apply at the time of use. The User should periodically check the Terms of Use in order to be informed of their content and is solely responsible for such information.

Specific Terms

In the event that the use of any service of the Website is regulated by more specific terms of use, these terms shall be considered as a whole with these Terms of Use. In the event of any conflict, however, the specific conditions of use of each service shall prevail.

Use of the Website by Minors

By accepting the Terms of Use, the User declares that he / she is an adult over 18 years of age or, if he / she is under 18 years of age, that he / she has obtained the necessary consent from the person (s) who have parental care for him / her and that he / she will provide his / her data, if requested to do so. Those who have the parental care of minors must protect them from access to content addressed to adults and are solely liable in the opposite case.

It is the policy of “AMVYX” not to check in advance the material or information provided by each user. “AMVYX” bears no responsibility for any internet access to information, goods and services that are against the law, good morals or are inappropriate or inappropriate for certain categories of persons and in particular minors.

If the user considers that the Material or part thereof infringes in any way his/her rights or the rights of third parties, he/she may send a relevant e-mail to [email protected] specifying the Material or the part of the Material that he/she considers offensive and the reasons for support his/her claim.

Liability of “AMVYX” for the Content

The Website is used “as is”, subject to amendments by “AMVYX”, without the possibility of modifications or other interventions by the User.

“AMVYX” strives in every way to make the use of the Website safe and to provide accurate, complete, valid, reliable and up-to-date information. In any case, however, Users acknowledge and accept that, given the nature and evolution of its products and the nature and technical needs of the Internet, the latter may not be able to exercise full control of the entire content at any time, and the security of its Website and its services.

“AMVYX” neither commits, nor guarantees, nor assumes any responsibility for the lawfulness or otherwise of the use of the Website by the Users and with regard to the accuracy, integrity and timeliness of the content of the Website and their security. Therefore, Users agree that they must evaluate the content and are solely responsible for their actions based on the use of the Website, including any decision to rely on the correctness, integrity and / or validity of its content.

The use of the Website is the responsibility of the user. “AMVYX”, its employees, executives, representatives or any third party involved in the creation, production or publication of the Website shall not be liable to the extent that exclusion of liability is permitted by law, for any direct, indirect, moral, material or other damage resulting from or associated with the use of the Website or the material, including, but not limited to, the unintentional download of computer viruses from the Website or from emails sent by / to them.

Links to Other Sites

The Website may contain links to websites owned or operated under the supervision of third parties other than “AMVYX”. These links are provided for the convenience of the User only. “AMVYX” does not control and is not responsible for the operation, the content, the privacy policies followed or the security of these sites. Indicatively, “AMVYX” is not responsible if the Third Party Websites:

– infringe the rights of a third party;

– are unsafe or inaccurate, incomplete or misleading;

– contain viruses or other programs of a destructive nature.

“AMVYX” shall not endorse the content or products or services offered at these sites and is not associated with the administrators of those sites. Where the Website refers via “links” or hyperlinks to other websites, the owners and / or administrators of those pages shall bear full (civil and criminal) responsibility for the security, lawfulness and validity of the content of their websites, excluding any liability of “AMVYX”, including but not limited to liability for infringement of intellectual and industrial property rights. If the User connects to these sites, he / she bears exclusively the risk for the connection and access, without any involvement of “AMVYX”.

International Access

Access to the Website is possible from all over the world. The Website may refer to services that are not available in the country of each User. These references do not indicate that “AMVYX” intends to make these services available to the countries concerned.

“AMVYX”, which is a Greek company and is subject to Greek law, controls, manages and is responsible for the operation of the Website. Without prejudice to the conditions laid down in these Terms on the responsibility of “AMVYX” for the content, “AMVYX” shall not guarantee or bear any responsibility as to whether the Website, the Material and / or services referred to therein are lawful in countries outside Greece. If the user has access to the Website from a location outside Greece, he/she is solely responsible for complying with local laws.

Intellectual and Industrial Property – Granting of Licence

Property Rights

The Website, including its software, as well as the Material contained in it each time is the intellectual and / or industrial property of “AMVYX” and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, Community and international law on the protection of intellectual property and industrial property. Furthermore, the composition of the content and the layout of the data contained in the Website each time belongs exclusively to “AMVYX” and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, Community and international law. The User is not hereby granted any right of ownership of the Website and of the Material, except for the right to use the Website expressly provided for in these Terms of Use.

“AMVYX” expressly hereby reserves the right to all intellectual property rights in all and all elements of the Website, as well as on the Material, such as, for example, intellectual property rights, industrial property rights on trademarks of products or services, trade names, distinctive features etc.

License grant – limitations on use

Provided that the User complies with the Terms of Use and the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy, “AMVYX” grants to the User free of charge a limited, non-exclusive and non-transferable license to access, load, display on the screen of the User’s device the Website and the Material and generally use it for the purpose set out in these Terms of Use. In this context, each User acknowledges and accepts that the Website and its Material are for personal use only and not for commercial use. Each User is entitled to download and / or copy and / or store an individual part of the Website Material strictly for its personal use and not for commercial purposes, without deleting the indications of its origin and provided that the User will protect any and all property rights of “AMVYX” from any infringement. For any other purpose, the above actions will be permissible only if they are done with the written consent of “AMVYX”. Access to the Website or any of the aforementioned actions will in no way result in the creation of a right, title or legal interest in any part or all of the Website “downloaded” and / or copied and / or stored.

Apart from the explicitly mentioned above permitted uses, the Website and its Material may not be reproduced, copied, leased, sold, sub-licensed, assigned, transferred, exported, transmitted, retransmitted or distributed in whole or in part in any way by any User, neither to be borrowed or to be granted for use. Under no circumstances may the Website be used for commercial purposes. It is expressly forbidden to modify, adapt, adjust, translate or any other conversion of the Website and the Material and to create derivative works or improvements. Similarly, dismantling, reconstruction or otherwise attempting to obtain the source code of the Internet Website, decompile (except to the extent permitted by law) is prohibited. It is also not permissible to create and / or publish a database containing important sections of the Website without the prior express consent of “AMVYX”.

On the basis of the foregoing, the User is obliged to not create a derivative and based on the content of the Website work, to not copy, reproduce, republish, “upload”, modify, transmit, sell or exploit in any way in whole or in part, the Website, its related software or its Material. Furthermore, it undertakes not to insert the Website into an index, not to frame it with another website, not to insert it as a link for direct access from another website to its internal information, not to copy its location to another server by creating an image and not to promise a right to a third party from the Website without the express prior written consent of “AMVYX”.

Also, actions to circumvent or infringe the security rules or content usage rules provided, implemented or enforced by any functionality (including, inter alia, digital rights management functionality) contained on the Website are prohibited. The use of the Website for access, copying, transfer, codification or re-transmission of content in breach of any law or rights of “AMVYX” or third parties, as well as the removal, concealment or falsification of copyright declarations, trademarks or other declarations, exclusive rights of “AMVYX” or third parties that are affixed or contained or accessed in conjunction with or through the Website, is prohibited.

The use of the Website in any unlawful manner, for any unlawful purpose or in breach of applicable laws or regulations of the Greek law on intellectual property and related provisions of European and International Law is prohibited.

By using the Website, the Users unconditionally accept, agree and acknowledge that they will make lawful and appropriate use of them, in particular in accordance with the conditions set out herein.

Use of the Website, which constitutes a breach of the Terms of Use is strictly prohibited and will automatically result in the expiry of the above license. The license granted to the User may be freely revoked by “AMVYX”, without prior notice being required.

It is a fundamental principle of the policy of “AMVYX” to respect and protect the intellectual property rights of third parties. If, however, the user considers that his / her intellectual property rights are being infringed through the Website, he / she may inform “AMVYX” by sending an e-mail to [email protected] specifying the part of the Website that he / she considers to be offensive to its rights, as well as the reasons it considers to constitute evidence of the infringement.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

For the protection of privacy and the management of personal data, please read the PRIVACY AND PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY, which is an integral part of these Terms of Use.

Official Service

The User agrees to not create or provide ways in which participation on the Website may be carried out by other websites or in a manner not approved by “AMVYX”.

The user undertakes and agrees not to use electromechanical computer equipment or software or any other method not approved by “AMVYX” which will affect the Website.

Availability and Security

Availability and Smooth Operation

“AMVYX” makes every reasonable effort for the maintenance and availability of the Website. Users acknowledge, however, that the Internet is an unsafe medium and that the availability of the Website may be affected by the users’ equipment, other communications networks, internet connection services, the large number of people trying to make use of the Website simultaneously or for other reasons. For these reasons, the Users agree that “AMVYX” will not bear any responsibility for the interruption of the operation or the abnormal operation of the Website.

The Website and “AMVYX” shall have no connection whatsoever to the provision of internet connection services and the User remains solely responsible for the payment of all debts to the competent providers of the relevant services and ensuring its access to the Internet.

Users agree and accept that “AMVYX” may modify and / or temporarily or permanently interrupt the operation of all or part of the Website with and / or without notice to Users. For this reason, “AMVYX” does not bear any responsibility for any kind of damage caused by the interruption of the operation or the non-smooth operation of the Website or the inability of the Users to access it, the discontinuation of all or parts of the Website, the delay, the non delivery, interruption or poor quality of its services or the loss of its content or the existence of any errors. “AMVYX” does not guarantee that the Website will be compatible with the computer, hardware and software of each User.

Software Available on the Website

The intellectual property rights or other rights on the software that are available for visiting the Website belong to “AMVYX” or its providers / licensors. In order to access information on the Website, the User may need to sign a license with third party software providers. The User’s ability to access this information may depend on whether he/she has signed such licenses. The use of such software is governed by the terms of each license agreement contained in the software. “AMVYX” shall not assume any responsibility for the arrangement of such licenses. It is recommended not to install or use software if the User has not received the relevant license. If the User, however, commits such acts despite the lack of license, the User shall solely bear the associated risk.


In any case, “AMVYX” reserves the right at any time to temporarily or permanently discontinue the operation of all or part of the Website for maintenance or upgrade or for any reason, without any further responsibility.


Although “AMVYX” makes every effort to protect the Website from viruses and / or any other harmful or destructive files (or programs) designed to interfere with, destroy or restrict the operation of any software or telecommunications equipment, it cannot guarantee that the Website will never be affected by such viruses, programs or files. Therefore, the integrity and safeguarding of the software systems and equipment of each User is at its own risk and “AMVYX” will not bear any responsibility in case of the attack of the electronic equipment (software and hardware) of Users by viruses and other harmful files as they are presented above.

Obligations of Users

Users accept and agree to make lawful use of the Website. The Users, indicatively and not restrictively, undertake that by using the Website:

they shall not act in a manner which impedes and / or makes impossible the smooth and / or lawful use of the Website and other websites connected to it by other users;

will not act in such a way as to infringe the intellectual property or industrial rights of “AMVYX” or third parties (on the protection of intellectual property read the Copyright Protection);

they shall not act in such a way as to mislead any third party as to the origin of the content of the Website and / or to damage in any way the reputation of “AMVYX”;

will not install, promote and / or transmit in any way via the Website digital viruses and / or any other kind of harmful or destructive files and / or programs designed to destroy or restrict the operation of any software or telecommunications equipment or prevent other users from using the Website;

will not install or promote in any way unsolicited or not implicitly approved by “AMVYX” advertising messages in any form, unsolicited e-mails (spam) and generally will not promote unwanted information in any way;

they shall not “upload” or transmit in any way material and information which they are not entitled to disclose under the provisions of law or private agreements (e.g. confidential information);

they shall not act in such a way as to infringe any rights or personality of third parties and in particular in such a way as to cause harm to a minor;

they shall not intervene or endanger the security or in any other way cause damage to the Website, to the Material hosted on it, to the source codes of the software that constitutes it, to the server where it is hosted and / or to connected networks; by or accessible through the Website or other websites associated with it;

they shall not pursue a purpose which is prohibited by these Terms of Use;

they shall not engage in actions that could constitute or encourage behavior which could be considered a criminal offense, raise civil liability or otherwise infringe any law;

they shall not publish or transmit any material with threatening, false, misleading, offensive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, immoral, scandalous, pornographic or blasphemous content. “AMVYX” will cooperate fully with all law enforcement authorities and will fully comply with any court decision requesting or ordering the disclosure of the identity of any person who publishes or transmits such information and material;

they shall not collect e-mail addresses or other user data from the Website by electronic or other means and in order to make unwanted commercial or other contact with them;

they shall not “upload”, transmit, store or make available to the public in any way photographs of third parties without their consent;

will inform “AMVYX” as soon as they notice any illegal or prohibited use of the Website by third parties.

It is explicitly clarified that the use of the Website for advertising or for offers by the user is prohibited, unless there is a contrary explicit agreement with “AMVYX”.

It is strictly forbidden to use any data of the Material other than that provided by these terms of use, without the written permission of “AMVYX”. In case of breach of the terms of use, “AMVYX” will make full use of the legal remedies provided to it by law, including that of criminal prosecution.

Breach of the Terms of Use

In any breach of these Terms of Use, Users will be liable to compensation for any direct and / or consequential damage of “AMVYX”. The non-exercise by “AMVYX” of its rights deriving from these Terms of Use does not entail its waiver of those rights.

“AMVYX” explicitly reserves the right to supervise the application of these rules at its sole discretion.


The user agrees to protect, defend and compensate “AMVYX”, the partners, employees and in general the staff of “AMVYX” for any damage and expense, without limitation, which it may suffer and which results from or linked, directly or indirectly, to misuse by the User of the Website or in breach of the Terms of Use.


“AMVYX” reserves the right to terminate without loss and without any further responsibility the agreement concluded hereunder with each User immediately and without notice, if the User breaches the Terms of Use or part thereof or is unable to confirm information provided by the User in the context of the use of the Website.

Full Agreement – Divisibility

These Terms of Use together with any other rules to which they refer or which are on the Website constitute the full agreement between “AMVYX” and each User regarding the use of the Website. If for any reason it is considered by a competent court that one of these Terms of Use is invalid and cannot be applied, the validity and force of the other terms will not be affected or impaired.

Means of Proof

The printed version of the Website and the Terms of Use and any correspondence in electronic form will be accepted as means of proof before judicial or administrative authorities.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms of Use and any amendment thereof are governed by Greek Law. Any dispute that may arise from this agreement and which cannot be resolved out of court, shall be subject to the jurisdiction ratione materiae of the courts of Athens.

All rights and remedies under the Terms of Use are cumulative and do not preclude other rights and remedies provided by law or other agreement.


For any question or clarification related to the Website, users can contact [email protected]